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Timer Stopwatch ML*
Event Timer


No Longer Available
Includes Timer Stopwatch DL

* Requires WinXP thru Win8,
 and Firefox or IE Browser
to view help pages.

Quickly use . . .
  Multiple Time Points
  Time Up / Down

Product Screenshots


Timer Stopwatch ML windows are clear and intuitive, or we have not done our job.  Scroll down to view the following product screenshots . . .

  Main Screens
  Digit Size & Color
  Help Pages



Help Spotlight


While we strive to make our products robust, clear and intuitive to use, users still want to know that help is available.  So, we placed help links throughout Timer Stopwatch ML.  These links immediately present specific help for the window being viewed.

This is just one way we've worked to make Timer Stopwatch ML a better way to time your events.


Timer Stopwatch ML main window showing large digits.  You can use the mouse or keyboard to control timer.

Timer Stopwatch ML with the Black Background option on.

Medium sized digits, in blue.  Leading zero's can be turned on or off..

Small digits, in red.  You can count past zero, and start from a negative number too.

From the Settings window, you edit the time points for timer.  Each time point lets you optionally select a sound to play.

Help windows are there when you need them.

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