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Timer Stopwatch ML*
Event Timer


No Longer Available
Includes Timer Stopwatch DL

* Requires WinXP thru Win8,
 and Firefox or IE Browser
to view help pages.

Quickly use . . .
  Multiple Time Points
  Time Up / Down

A Better Way to Time Your Events!

Timer Stopwatch ML is our advanced event timer that turns your computer into a full featured Timer Stopwatch.  It lets you time meetings, group presentations, debates, tournaments, games, tests, experiments, contests, etc.  It is ideal in situations where a large visible and/or audible timer is needed.

Features include multiple time points, colors, and sounds, looping, auto-start, and saving timers to files.  You can use on-screen buttons or a keyboard to control the timer.  When using the keyboard, you can turn off the screen buttons for a visually cleaner timer.

How It Works

The Timer Stopwatch ML program lets you quickly set up multiple time points for maximum timing flexibility.  At each time point you can set the counting direction, display color and sound effects.  Features also allow for looping of the timing sequence, automatically starting of timer, and reverse colors for darkened environments.

Example Presentation Use

With our ML timer you can time a repeating 30 minute sequence, where the first 25 minutes is a presentation, followed by a 5 minute Q & A or break period.  In

Key Features

   Multiple Time Points
   Range -24 hrs to +24 hrs
   Count Up/Down
   Count From, To, Thru 0
   Color Changes
   Mouse/Keyboard Control
   Level II Timing Accuracy
   Auto Save Settings
   Save to Files
   Black/White Background
   Win7 to Win98SE
   Help Screens

this example you might want to start the timer in green, and changing to yellow when 5 minutes are remaining, along with a short beep to let the speaker know his or her time is almost up.  At 0, the timer might change to red, along with another sound effect, letting the speaker know they are now over their allotted time.  You can use a mouse and or keyboard to control the timer.

Multiple timers can be set up and them saved in separate timer files.  When you run the timer program, it opens the last timer file used.  Each time you exit the timer program, all the settings for the current timer are automatically saved.  Program works with Windows 7, Vista, XP, NT, 2000, ME & 98SE PC's.

The Timer Stopwatch ML can have a white background for lighter environments, or a black background for darkened environments. Switching from one to the other, is a simple click of a settings checkbox.

Product Screenshots

Feature Spotlights


Accuracy - Timer Stopwatch ML has our highest level of timing accuracy: Level II.  If your PC becomes overloaded, or if you pause your PC with a Control-Alt-Delete, the timer will readjust itself on the next second tick. 

Direction - The program can count up from zero, down to zero, through zero, or in any sequence can imagine.  The program's settable Time Points let you control the counting direction, display colors and sounds played




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