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Pocket Timer

Our free Timer and Stopwatch products can time from any Start time to any Stop time, as a countdown timer, or as a count up timer, through zero if wanted, with alarms, loops, and in different display colors, sizes and fonts.

These Timers have our highest level of accuracy, checking every second, and automatically adjusting when your pc / tablet / phone is overloaded.

To use our timers, you need JavaScript and Cookies enabled in your browser.  Most browsers have these already enabled.     

Timer Features

Start / Stop Time Area

Start Stop Times

Start and Stop time values can be from -99:59:59 to +99:59:59 .  Time values can be entered as 15s 5m 2h 1:15 1:23:17 or even as -95s.  Examples...

Entered   Time Value Entered   Time Value
 25  00:00:25  02:02:10  02:02:10
-10s -00:00:10  2:2:10  02:02:10
 3m  00:03:00 -1:90 -00:02:30
 90  00:01:30 +2:10  00:02:10
 1h  01:00:00  2.30.0  02:30:00

A new Start or Stop time has no effect on the timer until you click the Set or Reset button, or until a running timer loops back to the start again.  The Set button will update the timer's Start and Stop times and reset the timer.  It performs the same function as the Reset button.

Time values can be entered using a period instead of a colon, as in 2.30.0 for 02:30:00.  This makes it easy to enter Start and Stop times using one hand and the numeric keypad on your keyboard.

When the timer is running and minimized, it will automatically become the top window when the Stop is reached.

Automatic Counting Direction

Count up by making the Stop greater than the Start, for example from 0 to 1:00.  Count down by making the Stop less than the Start, for example from 1:00 to 0.  The Start and Stop times can range from -99:59:59 to +99:59:59.

Negative Time

You can count from a positive time value to a negative time value, or vice versa.  For example, from 30:00 down to -5:00.  This is handy for meetings or lectures, where you want the speaker to see how much time they have used up over their allotted time.  You can also time from a negative time value to a positive one, for example from -1:00 up to 30:00.  This is useful when you want to give yourself time to set up an exam, contest or experiment.

Timer Buttons

There are two timer controls: a Start / Stop button, and a Reset button...

  /   The Start / Stop button appears as a Start button when the timer is stopped, and as a Stop button when the timer is running.

The timer counts from where it last stopped, so you can stop and start the timer multiple times.

If the timer is at the Stop time and you click the Start button, the timer will jump to the Start time and start timing.

If you have the Auto Start setting checked, then when you open the timer page in your browser, the timer will automatically start timing from the Start time.

If the Loop setting is checked, the timer will loop back to the Start time once the Stop time is reached.

The Reset button resets the timer to the Start time.

The Set and Reset buttons both perform a reset.


Timer's settings can be viewed and changed by clicking the Settings link to the right of the Start and Stop times.  All setting changes take effect immediately, and you can change the settings while a timer is running. 

Setting changes are automatically saved when you change then using browser cookies.  You need JavaScript and Cookies enabled in your browser to use the timer and to be able to change the settings.  Most browsers have these enabled.  The Save link, to the right, let's you generate a link to your timer with your custom settings, so you can link to many timers, all with different settings.  The settings area looks like this...

The Save Link To Your Custom Timer link, lets you create a link to your timer with your custom settings.  You can then place that link on a Web page, or save it as a browser bookmark.  The Default Settings link, resets the settings to the default state. 



Sets the timer's title.  If blank, no title is shown.  Press Enter key, or click your mouse outside of the Title field, to update timer with the new title entered.

No Tag

Turn on/off tagline text under timer title.


Auto Start

Have timer automatically start when first displayed by browser, or when Reset button is clicked.


Have timer loop back to Start time when Stop time is reached.

Alarm *

Alarm Sound

Sets Stop time alarm (review all alarm sounds).  Select Off for no alarm.  Alarm sounds longer than 2 seconds are shown with length of sound.

Try | Stop

Try link lets you hear alarm.  Click Stop link to stop the alarm sound.


Sets number of times the alarm should play, from 1 to 99 times.  This cycling works in Internet Explorer, and is known to fail in other browsers.


* No browser plug-in is needed to hear the alarm sounds in HTML5 browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), or in any version of Internet Explorer.

Timer Display


Sets minimum number of digits that timer will display.  Settings are...

0  00  0:00  00:00  0:00:00  00:00:00
0(secs)  and  00:00(mins:secs)

The 0(secs) setting, always shows the time display in seconds.  This is for users that want to see 95 displayed verses 1:35. New

The 00:00(mins:secs) setting, always shows four digits, and no hours.  This is for users that want to count to 80 minutes (80:00), and not 1 hour and 20 minutes (1:20:00). New


Bold timer text.

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow timer text.  Does not work in Internet Explorer browser.


Set timer background color.  Can be White, Black or Green New for chroma keying onto a video.  Adjusts all colors needed to fit with that background color style.  The Drop Shadow feature is disabled when the Black or Green Chroma background color is selected.

Timer Text


Sets timer text color.


Sets timer text size.


Sets timer text font.
If selected font is not on your computer, timer will use a Serif, Sans-Serif, or Monospace font, depending on the default for the selected font.



The Save Link To Your Custom Timer link, lets you generate a link to your timer with the settings you have set up.  This makes it easy to bring up your timer, exactly as it was, again and again.


The Default Settings link, resets timer to default settings.


Our timer has our highest level of accuracy.  Each second, the timer checks and makes adjustments as needed.  But with that said, the accuracy of each computer's internal clock will affect the accuracy of the timer.

  Most computer's internal clocks are relatively accurate, but they can drift a few seconds a day, and we have no control over this.  It is up to you ascertain the accuracy of your computer's internal clock and our timer on your PC.  In the event your computer's internal clock is accurate to your satisfaction, we still do not guarantee that any of our timers will be accurate, or that our code is bug free or virus free.

Save Links to Custom Timers New 

Need multiple timers, or a custom timer?  It's as easy as creating links to them.  To the right of the Settings (show/hide) link, is the Save link.  This let's you save a link to your timer with custom settings.  For example, create a Green "5-Minute Timer" and a Blue "10-Minute Timer", and use them together or independently using their custom links...

Green 5-Minute Timer:

Blue 10-Minute Timer:

So set up your timer, and then use the "Save" link to create a link to it.  Create and save as many timers as you need.

Additional Help / Suggestions

This Timer is provided as a free online service.  If you have a question or suggestion, email us at .


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