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Time Tracker II

Easy Time Tracking


No Longer Available

Requires Win98 through Win7 PC,
  IE or Firefox Browser, and minimum
  of 1024 x 768 screen display.

You get ... 

  Unlimited Timers to
    track Jobs/Clients
  Easy to Use Program
  Edit Time Records
  Quick Reports
  30-Days Risk Free



Time Tracker II windows are clear and intuitive, or we have not done our job.  The following screenshots are below . . .

  Main Screen
  Edit Time Records
  Detail Report
  Program Settings



Help's Available . . .


While we strive to make our products robust, clear and easy to use, help is still available through Help links throughout Time Tracker II.

This is just one way we've worked to make Time Tracker II a better way to track your time.


Time Tracker II windows.  Quickly enter a date and time value when editing Time Records.

You can review, edit or delete the Time Records.  New Time Records can be added for work performed, but not recorded.

Reports are displayed using your PC's default browser (Internet Explorer or FireFox), allowing easy copy and paste to other documents.

From the Settings window, you can click to change the separate Time Formats that Time Tracker II uses.

Help windows are there when you need them.  Here's the top part of the help page for Time Tracker II's Main window.

Here are the Time Tracker II windows with the Invert Colors settings option set for low-light environments.

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