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Time Tracker II

Easy Time Tracking


No Longer Available

Requires Win98 through Win7 PC,
  IE or Firefox Browser, and minimum
  of 1024 x 768 screen display.

You get ... 

  Unlimited Timers to
    track Jobs/Clients
  Easy to Use Program
  Edit Time Records
  Quick Reports
  30-Days Risk Free

A Better Way to Track Time

Time Tracker II is a Time-Tracking / Time-Clock program that is easy to learn and use.  Create unlimited timers (100+) to keep track of projects, tasks, clients, machines, etc.   Time Tracker II was designed to be robust, yet intuitive to use, allowing you to focus on your projects and tasks, and not your time-tracking software.  

How It Works

You don't enter dates and times, you just start and stop projects and tasks with a single click.  You can edit past time records, or even add new ones, if you worked away from your PC, or need to adjust a time.  

Quickly set up multiple timers, to time separately, or concurrently, your choice.  Create a timer for each project, client, employee or participant you have.  Then use timer Notes to identify what task you are working on, as you start and stop the timers throughout the day.

Quick time reports let you review what you have been working on during your day, week, month, etc.  Copy and paste any portion of a Time Tracker II time report into your Excel or Word documents, to support client invoices or company reports.  When you need help, there are Help links throughout the program.


Key Features . . .

   Unlimited Timers
   Projects > Tasks
   Editable Time Records
   Realtime Summary
   Minimized Operation
   Many Time Formats
   Quick Reports
   Reports to Word/Excel
   Adjustable Week
   Auto Save
   One Second Accuracy
   Light/Dark Environments
   Quick Help Screens

Each time you start and stop a timer, a Time Record is recorded, containing the timer's Name, Start Time, Stop Time, and task Note.  You can edit any Time Record later, or add Time Records for work or tasks performed when away from your PC.  Time Records can range from 1 second to 1000's of hours in duration.

Your timers can time while you work on other computer applications.  You can also minimize the timer window, exit the Time Tracker II program, and even turn off your computer, and your running timers will keep on timing.

Product Screenshots

Feature Spotlights


Notes - Time Tracker II maintains a current work / task note for each timer.  You only need to update the Note when your work / task for that timer / project changes.

Editable Time Records - Edit past Time Records, or add new ones, if you worked away from your PC, or need to adjust a time.

Quick Reports - Generate a Time Report by years, months, weeks or days.  Reports are displayed using standard HTML, so you can copy and paste any part to an Excel spreadsheet or Word document.

Time Tracker II - $35
No Longer Available




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