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Split Lap Timer

(Download Ad-Free Local Version)

Split Lap Timer $6  --  

Our Split Lap Timer is available in a download ad-free version, that runs locally on your computer (PC or Mac).  This download version does not access any files or images over the Internet and it has no ads.  Multi-User Licenses available.

Split Lap Timer (download version) Screenshot.

Key Features

  • Timer range: 0 to 99:59:59 ( 100 hours )
  • Easy three button control ( start/stop  split  reset )
  • Control timer using keyboard keys or mouse
  • Time data history shown with adjustable precision ( 1 - 1/1000th sec )
  • Accuracy checked and adjusted each second
  • Timer stays accurate when your pc / tablet / phone is overloaded or paused
  • Select, Copy and Paste time data into other applications ( Excel  Word... )
  • Selectable display sizes ( 50pt to 950pt )
  • Variety of display colors ( red  green  blue... )
  • Multiple time formats ( 0  00  0:00  00:00  0:00:00  00:00:00  0 secs)
  • Set time display to show seconds only
  • Over 10 display fonts, with bold and drop-shadow options
  • Edit timer settings while timer stopped or running.
  • Options include Start on Reset, Clear on Reset, and Show Keys
  • Button sounds ( beep  chop  clink  gun  pipe  swoosh... )
  • Change timer title or hide title and tagline for a cleaner look
  • Timer runs when window minimized
  • Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Macintosh PCs

Split Lap Timer $6  --  


Use the Split Lap Timer to time laps in a race, swim meet, exercise program, experiment, game, etc.  Multi-User licenses available.


To use the Split Lap Timer on your PC, you buy it, download it, and run it as often as you like on your computers.  If you would like another person to use it on their computer, you need to purchase another copy.  Once you have made your payment at PayPal, you will receive an email with the download link and your license code...

Split Lap Timer $6  --  


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