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Alarm Clock

Our large digit Alarm Clocks let you set up multiple alarm time points during the day.  At each time point you can set an alarm and change the display color, letting you hear and see the time change.

Five different time formats ( 10:00PM 10:00pm 10:00 22:00 and 2200 ), plus seconds as an option.  Then select from a variety of fonts, colors, styles and sizes for the time display.  Choose a white or black background too.

The Alarm Clocks get the time from your PC clock, but you can adjust the time for different time zones.  The Alarm Clocks run locally on your PC and will continue to run and sound alarms, even when the browser window is minimized.

25 Alarm Time Points

The Alarm Clocks let you set, up to 25 alarms, throughout the day.  And if that's not enough, our Alarm Clock 50 lets you set up to 50.

Save Alarm ClockNew

Set the Alarm Clock the way you want, then click the Save link.  This will create a link to bring up the Alarm Clock the way you set it.  Create as many different Alarms Clocks as you like, and create links to each of them, to place on your website, or to bookmark as browser favorites.  More...


The Alarm Clocks run from settings that you set via the Settings link.  All setting changes take affect immediately.  The Settings area is shown below.  The Save link is in the lower left corner.


-1hr   +1hr

Adjusts Current Time backward or forward by one hour steps.  Use to show time in another city around the world.  Or, use to adjust the Alarm Clock when your PC's time does not match due to a time zone difference or daylight saving change.



Sets Alarm Clock background color to black or white.


Adds seconds to the current time display format.


Blinks the colon, once per second.  Let's you know Alarm Clock is running when seconds are not visible.  This option has no affect when seconds are shown.



Sets Alarm Clock title.  If blank, no title is shown.  Press Enter key, or click your mouse outside of the Title field, to update Alarm Clock with the new title entered.

No Tag

Turn on/off tagline text under Alarm Clock title.

Clock Display

Time Format

Sets time format ( 10:00PM 10:00pm 10:00 22:00 and 2200 )that will be displayed.  See Seconds option above to add seconds to any of these time formats.


Bold time display.

Drop Shadow

Drop Shadow time display.  Disabled when Black Background is selected.  Does not work in Internet Explorer browser.

Clock Text


Sets time display color.


Sets time display text size.


Sets time display text font.
If selected font is not on your computer, Alarm Clock will use a Serif, Sans-Serif, or a Monospace font, depending on the default for the selected font.



The Save Link To Your Alarm Clock link, lets you generate a link to your alarm clock with the settings you have set.  This makes it easy to bring up your alarm clock, exactly as it was, again and again.  Set up and save links to as many Alarm Clocks as you need.

The alarm clock link will always bring up the alarm clock the way it was when you clicked the Save link.  To change a saved alarm clock, make your changes, then click the Save link again, and replace the previous link with the new one created.


The Default Settings link, resets Alarm Clock to default settings.  Does not reset Alarm Clock's alarm settings.


Use the Alarm Time Points to trigger alarms (review alarm sounds) and set the display colors, throughout the day.  If no colors are set, the default color set in the Settings area is used.  If a subsequest alarm color is not set, the color from the previous Alarm Time Point will be used.  Click the Alarms link to the view the Alarms area, which looks like this...

Alarm changes are only saved when you click the Save Alarm Time Points button.  The Save link in upper right, lets you save a link to your Alarm Clock as you have set it up. 

Use Clear link to clear all Alarm Settings.  The Review Sounds link lets you quickly try out all the different alarm shounds.



Time Point time.  Time values can be entered in any format ( 9 1pm 745 2330 10:15 8:14AM ), but all time values entered are converted to the standard 12-hour AM/PM time format when the Alarms are saved.


Color of the time display when the Time Point is reached.  Select first color selection for no color change.  If no Time Point color selected, color from previous Time Point will be used, or if none, the default display time color will be used.


Alarm sound to be played when the Time Point is reached.  Select first sound selection for no alarm sound.  Click to review alarm sounds.


Number of times the alarm sound is to be played.  Use Try and Stop links to hear the sound, or click to review alarm sounds.

Try   Stop

Lets you try out sounds.


Our Alarm Clocks have our highest level of accuracy.  Each second, the Alarm Clocks check and make adjustments as needed.  But with that said, the accuracy of each computer's internal clock will affect the accuracy of the Alarm Clocks.

  Most computer's internal clocks are relatively accurate, but they can drift a few seconds a day, or may be behind or forward, and we have no control over this.  It is up to you ascertain the accuracy of your computer's internal clock and our Alarm Clocks on your PC.  In the event your computer's internal clock is accurate to your satisfaction, we still do not guarantee that any of our Alarm Clocks will be accurate, or that our code is bug free or virus free.

Additional Help / Suggestions

Our Alarm Clocks are provided as a free online service.  If you have a question or suggestion, email us at .


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