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Timer Stopwatch Products


        TimeMe's Timer and Stopwatch products let you time tests, classes, meetings, events, work, projects, machines, sports and presentations. 

Our Timers include stopwatch timers, time-clock timers, split lap timers, alarm clocks and presentation timers.  Some are free, others not.  We have online / web timers and stand-alone timers you can download to your desktop or laptop. 

We've been developing Timer software since 2005 and strive to make our timers robust, easy to use and accurate.

Online Web Timers

Timer Stopwatch

Online timer stopwatch counts up or down, using various time formats, with or without alarms, in a loop or not, and in various display colors, sizes and fonts.
  -  save a link to your custom timer & new alarm sounds



Stopwatch    Large Stopwatch    Timer Stopwatch
Countdown Timer    Count Up Timer

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Split Lap Timer 

Online split lap timer records time splits / intervals, using mouse or keyboard controls, with or without sound, and in different display colors, sizes and fonts., etc.

Also:  Split Timer    Interval Timer

Download ad-free local version:  $6  Details  

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Alarm Clock

Online web alarm clock with multiple alarm time points, alarm sounds, fonts, sizes and colors.  At each time point you set, you can select an alarm to sound, and / or change the color of the time display.



Alarm Clock 50 with 50 alarms, and separate Alarm Clocks for . . .
Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu   Friday   Sat  and  Sun

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Chess Timer

Online chess timer gives chess players complete chess match timing control using time limits, time delays, time increments, odds, move counts, totals, averages and penalties, along with complete move time history and summary. 

Also:  Chess Clock

Download ad-free local version:  $8  Details  

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Downloadable Timers

Timer Stopwatch DL

Windows PC Timer / stopwatch that counts up or down, with or without alarms, in a loop or not, and in various display colors and sizes.
 We also have a free version with ads.



Timer Stopwatch ML

Windows PC advanced timer for meetings, debates, presentations, tests, classes, etc.  Has multiple time points for alarms and colors changes.  Counts in any direction, can switch direction, and can loop.  Save timers in files.  Mouse and keyboard control.

Includes FREE copy of Timer Stopwatch DL program (a $9 value).




Split Lap Timer

Same as our advanced online Split Lap Timer above, except runs without accessing the web, and with no ads.  Works on PCs and Macs.  Downloads as a zip file.



Time Tracker II

Complete Time-Tracking / Time-Clock software program.  Set up an unlimited number of timers to track time spent on projects / tasks / people / machines.  Switch between timers with one click.  Generate time reports.  Real-time accumulated time display.




Other Time Savers


Time saving way to Bookmark, Browse and Search, the Web.  Our online service, lets you combine all your favorites / bookmarks from multiple computers and from multiple browsers.  There's a learning curve, but it is invaluable, once you start using it. Crucial to IT professionals worldwide, for over 10 years!

1-cent / day
30-Day Free

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Note: Prices above are for a Single User License.


Multi-User Licenses

Our downloadable timer products are available under multi-user licenses.



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